Getting started

  1. Q: When is the best time to start getting ready to move?

    A:  As early as possible! Good preparation always pays off! Everyone has different personal needs and requirements, so it is best to get your relocation preparations with your ReloAdvisor going as early pre-move as possible.

  2. Q: Is everything done remotely on a mobile phone?

    A:  Yes. All communication is done on a smartphone. This is by secure video and texting, fully encrypted, using WhatsApp as a communication platform.

  3. Q: What is the minimum I can spend?

    A: Some of our programs are in 1-hour units. You work to your own budget. Most relocations start with a core Home Finding 5-hour or 3-hour program. If you are already in the middle of your relocation or at the end, you can still have us support you by simply buying the service you need. Please call us first if you have any questions. You only pay for what you need.

How it works

  1. Q: How does your time-based system work?

    A: Everything is time based and recorded in hourly units. There are certain programs that are “packages” being core Home Finding programs of 5 hours or 3 hours and these include many extra elements and can be ‘topped up” as needed as you go.  There are support programs also bought in 1-hour units. Often additional time may be needed with any program or service, in which case you simply buy the extra time you need from the app in 1-hour units. It is entirely your choice as to how much you want to spend and on what.

  2. Q: Do I have to have everything?

    A: No. You can simply choose the elements you need. However, for the best experience and highest level of relocation success, a core Home Finding 5-hour or 3-hour relocation program is usually the best way to go and to get started.

  3. Q: Do I have to do everything in one go?

    A: No. Relocation is a personal project, and is usually spread out with intense activity at various points such as arrival, finding a new home, agreeing terms, signing a tenancy agreement, and moving in. This can be over hours, days, weeks and even over several months, allowing for preparation time. Shorter term relocations, such as shorter project-based relocations, tend to be quicker.

Coverage: Country + Destination

  1. Q:  What if the country or destination I am relocating to isn’t yet covered by your service?

    A:  We are constantly expanding our global coverage and adding new locations and ReloAdvisors almost every day! Please tell us the country and destination you are going to be relocating to and we will very likely be able to service it within a few days to a week or two, depending on where it is. Please contact us directly and we will be very pleased to advise and assist you.

Relo Advisors

  1. Q: Is my ReloAdvisor research time charged as well?

    A: Yes. All time used by your ReloAdvisor is recorded and included in the hourly charge. This is fully transparent and appears on the app. There are no hidden charges.

  2. Q: Can I meet my ReloAdvisor and can they show me around?

    A: No, but there is the occasional exception depending on your destination. Your ReloAdvisor is your remote “Personal Concierge” for your move and your Relocation Expert. The advantage of being remote is that everything can be done much more efficiently and cost effectively, with one point of contact. For example, your ReloAdvisor can source properties for you and make appointments, if that is what you would like them to do.

    The exception is in certain very specific locations such as in certain parts of Africa or in certain APAC countries where being accompanied is desirable and/or recommended. We will also advise you through your ReloAdvisor if the “Hybrid” model should be considered for your destination.

    This “Hybrid” relocation model is in a different service-price category which cannot be purchased “as standard” online. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement.

    Your ReloAdvisor always has the right of refusal not to meet-up if they so choose.

  3. Q: Can my ReloAdvisor do everything I need to relocate?

    A: Yes, so long as any request is directly related to you and your relocation, and it is legal and ethical, then your ReloAdvisor is there to support. If there is any doubt, your ReloAdvisor has the right of refusal at which point an internal review will take place directly to resolve any issue.

  4. Q: Are your ReloAdvisors experienced and trained?

    A: Yes. All our ReloAdvisors are handpicked based on their relocation and customer service experience and their expert local knowledge, including covering the local property market. All ReloAdvisors have personally relocated in their lives or careers. All are trained at our in-house AbsoluteRelo Academy.


  1. Q: What relocation services can I get with AbsoluteRelo?

    A: You can have any service or service element that you want to help you relocate. You choose. In broad terms we assist you with the following, not necessarily in this order as many aspects may overlap or have higher personal priorities:

    • Pre-departure: With the support of your ReloAdvisor this includes planning and preparing ahead for your relocation. This can include many things including shipping, visas, pet relocation and starting to get ready for your touchdown and new life ahead at your destination.
    • Arrival: This could cover Short Term Accommodation, Area and/or Property Orientation, Language Training, Cultural Orientation and Bank Account set-up.
    • Home Finding: Identifying the right neighborhoods and communities, finding the right properties, and arranging viewings and/or virtual tours – as you need and decide. Assisting with general Rental Documentation review and understanding and in how things works locally.
    • Settling-In:  This can cover many things like Check-in guidance and support, Rental Furniture, Driving Licenses, Car Registrations, Personal Wellness and Cultural Support. Online and on-going Community Support through our Community Partner.
    • Departure: At the end of your relocation, we are there to help you wind things down and depart. This can include support with Check-out matters such as inventory, cleaning and Deposit Returns, De-Registrations and Shipping.

Renting & Buying

  1. Q: Can you help me buy a property?

    A: Yes, we can usually act for you on finding a property to purchase and are pleased to do so, on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes this is direct and sometimes through our Local Real Estate Partners, depending on country and location. Please contact us for further details.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. Q: What does your “Money Back Total Satisfaction Guarantee” cover?

    A: If you are not satisfied with your relocation service from AbsoluteRelo, we will refund your money. This will be following a quick internal review and consultation with you. The refund applies to our own direct service only. It does not apply to third parties such as Landlords and any other vendor or Partner services.

 Partner services: Visas, shipping + other support services

  1. Q: What are your Partner Services?

    A: Shipping, Visas (immigration), Language Training, Cultural Training, Short Term Accommodation, Furniture Rental, DIY Moving and Storage, and on-going Post-Move Community Support.

  2. Q: I need to get a visa and shipping organized. Can you do this for me?

    A: For visas (immigration) and shipping, we have preferred partners who we will introduce to you. They can also coordinate with your ReloAdvisor as necessary and/or desired. The time spent by your ReloAdvisor is charged as part of the AbsoluteRelo program/hourly rate.

App + IT support

  1. Q: I am having some problems with using the app. Do you have User and IT support?

    A: Yes. We have excellent User and IT support. We will help you immediately. If there is a more major issue, we may need 24hrs or so to resolve.  In the meantime, your full ReloAdvisor service is always maintained, 24/7. Please let your ReloAdvisor know or contact us directly.

Companies + Organizations with multiple Users/Employees relocating

  1. Q: We are a company with multiple assignees relocating. Are you able to provide full reports?

    A: Yes. We provide a range of reports for companies and other organizations giving a breakdown by individual Assignee or on a Group and Corporate basis. We are GDPR and internationally data privacy compliant, respecting each User’s privacy and data. On a “Lump Sum” assignment we just report to the User unless pre-agreed and notified to us in advance in writing, between the individual User and their Employer.

  2. Q: Do you do “Group Moves”?

    A: Yes. Please contact us for further information.

  3. Q: Do you provide Corporate Accounts?

    A:  Yes. These are done on a pre-paid draw down basis, with funds held securely in escrow. When the company authorizes a relocation service and the User goes live, then the relevant funds are drawn down. A subscription service is also available. Please contact us for further details.