People, Process, Product

Our proactive business model is committed to sustainability and to reducing carbon footprints.

Remote support and state-of-the-art mobile communications, very significantly reduces travel needs and wasted time on-the-road, thereby actively helping to protect the environment as well as reducing relocation costs.

We ensure, that together with our Partners, that we develop and deploy active Sustainability Policies in all our services and products.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and personal carbon footprints by reducing unnecessary travel and by encouraging sustainable relocations. For example, local orientations can often be done online in advance; properties can be expertly preselected, viewed, and shortlisted remotely, as well as in “real time” with mobile technology.

We ensure our Shipping Partners use sustainable packaging and recycled materials, using environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials and products.

Action Environmental: We actively support – for every relocation we carry out, we plant a tree.


Mental Health: Relocating is exciting but can also be daunting, particularly for partners and families. Our Partners in mental health and wellness include specialists in personal, expat and community wellbeing.


We actively promote and encourage diversity, equality, and inclusion in everything that we do. 

We strive to build trust and accountability, with our customers, clients, colleagues and community. We believe in working ethically and transparently with all stakeholders.

We are strong advocates of domestic and international Fair Wage policies.